Monday, April 18, 2016

Bail Rules Should Not Change?

Okay, so a freelance journalist writes an “editorial” about bail, sticks it onto a digital media site (you know, one of those sites that has to constantly fill space with “content” and get clicks and views to sell ads), and then the bail insurance companies point to it and send it everywhere they can. I mean, even if the bail insurance lobbyists paid for it, what’s the problem?

The problem is that even though the “editorial” says the bail rules shouldn’t change, the fact is that the bail rules are changing.  

Yeah, I noticed that it said bail should stay the same, but then it pointed to New Jersey, which just changed everything.

You noticed that too?  

Yeah, so what are the insurance companies doing about it? 

Well, they’re doing stuff just like this -- fighting to keep everything the same.

What if things don’t stay the same – what’s the role of the bail agent then?

They don’t know.

So they have no plan for what to do just in case things do change?


But you said things are changing.

Yep. In over half the states. More to come.

Is there a way that bail agents can be a part of the future of American pretrial release and detention?

Yes, but it won’t include insurance companies.

Is that why the insurance company lobbyists have to convince bail agents that America wants to keep everything the same even while all of America is actually changing?


One last question. Has the bail industry really existed since Medieval England? 

No, only since about 1900. I’m glad you noticed the historical error.