Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bail and Human Dignity

Here’s a link to two pretty great reports put out by the John Jay College’s Prisoner Reentry Institute and the Arnold Foundation. The first is called, Pretrial Practice: Rethinking the Front End of the Criminal Justice System, and the second is called, Pretrial Practice: Building a National Research Agenda for the Front End of the Criminal Justice System.

I was at the conference leading to the first report, and a bunch of us submitted papers. Interestingly, though, the whole thing started revolving around a single issue, which was the need for more human dignity in the criminal process. It began with a discussion of Jonathan Simon’s paper on pretrial dignity, and pretty much continued on that theme for the rest of the conference.

I only mention that because I see that ExpertBail, a network of so-called “professional” bail agents created by AIA Surety to challenge the public’s negative perception of those agents, continues to post pictures and make fun of how defendants look on its Facebook page – pretty much the opposite of caring for human dignity.  

Do you really wonder why the insurance companies are losing this fight?