Monday, October 24, 2016

The American Bail Coalition is Officially Lost

You may remember when ABC first blogged about its work in New Mexico. It said, "ABC Brokers Historic Bail Reform Compromise in New Mexico" by crafting language that "is good for the State of New Mexico" Go ahead, read all about it here.

Cut to today, when ABC posts a story in which a New Mexico legislator says that she won't support the amendment and thinks that "it will have a devastating effect on New Mexico's Bail Industry."

I can now say without any doubt that ABC doesn't know what it's doing. Or maybe they thought we'd all forget. What are they saying by posting today's story -- did ABC broker a historic compromise or did they just muck everything up? Hard to say since ABC seems to be saying both things at the same time.

Another question for the ABC conference next month: "When is ABC going to learn something about bail?" But, really, I've pointed out stuff like this for a long time, so my question is more for you bail agents: "When are you going to figure out that ABC is officially lost?"