Wednesday, June 7, 2017

This Won't Be on the PBUS Facebook Page (or maybe it will!)

For those of you who only get your bail related information from the insurance company Facebook pages, here's a bit of news: the 5th Circuit and Justice Clarence Thomas just denied Harris County's motion for emergency stay of the preliminary injunction.

When this lawsuit was first filed, the County claimed that people were in jail because they wanted to be in jail (that's an insurance company argument, by the way). Well, I guess we'll see. Maybe all those defendants will say they don't want to leave the jail when the Sheriff starts letting them out.

When I first wrote this I forgot about the spin factor. So PBUS and others will write about it, but they'll eventually start what I call the New Jersey spin: these defendants used to want to stay in jail -- now, they'll say, they're obviously too dangerous to release. That was their argument for the stay.

Bottom line, though, is that this is the beginning of the end.