Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bail Bond Trends

The corporate bail insurance lobbyists recently testified to Colorado’s Senate Judiciary Committee that a there was a national trend toward using for-profit bondsmen and cited to Wisconsin as proof. The problem is that Wisconsin has once again decided that bondsmen should play no part in its justice system.

Instead, the trend that I see (and that others should note) is that the corporate bail insurance company lobbyists will do virtually anything in their power to increase profits, including slipping an enabling provision into a state budget bill in the middle of the night, and then hoping it will go through so that they can mislead other states about their industry.

Nobody in Wisconsin, save a couple of good friends of ALEC and a few oily characters who like to use ALEC as their personal platform, wanted bondsmen back in. And fortunately for Wisconsin, the Governor listened.

Good for you, Wisconsin!  See you soon!