Friday, January 6, 2017


One of the major bail insurance companies recently posted an article on Facebook from the Washington Post, which was titled, "In D.C. The Federal Government Gives Released Criminals Many Chances to Fail."

Then, commenting on the story, the insurance company said:

The Public Sector Utopian Model of Washington D.C. is the best pretrial program ever 
conceived . . . IF YOU ARE A CRIMINAL! Check out this new article that highlights the many failures of this so called perfect model program. It is time for the rest of the country (New Jersey, California, Texas, Maryland) to call out the lies of the public sector release advocates and shine a light on what they are truly selling us . . . LESS ACCOUNTABILITY, INCREASED COSTS, MORE CRIME AND THE COMPLETE BREAKDOWN OF THE INTEGRITY OF OUR CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM

The only problem?

Well, the only problem is that the whole article was about sentencing. You know, not bail. Post-conviction. Not pretrial. CSOSA, not PSA. We don't need sock puppets, do we?

I've said this many times before. The insurance companies don't really even understand bail. And yet bail agents everywhere are relying on these companies to design and implement a strategy to get them through this generation of reform.

The insurance companies pay the lobbyists and give them their orders. Right now, their orders are to fight to keep the status quo, which has no plan for bail agent involvement in any future system of release and detention. So unless bail agents figure out a way to separate themselves from the insurance companies, I predict weeping and gnashing of teeth.