Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wow, What a Week in Bail Reform!

This week there were six or seven big things happening in bail reform, and if I say they're big, they're really big. Some of them are behind the scenes, however, so I don't expect the bail insurance folks to even know about them. But a few of them aren't, and so if you don't see anything much in their blogs, you'll know they aren't reporting on everything that's currently going on.

One blog, however, is again asking bail agents to cough up even more money to help the insurance companies to fight everything. Like you all don't give them enough? They make billions per year. How much do you make?

I blog about helping bail agents find a place in the future of pretrial release and detention because I personally know a few really great bail agents, I understand their place in history, and I feel partly responsible for people calling for their complete and total elimination. But those blogs can only go on so long.

Today there's probably still a bit of hope. But when I finally stop blogging about bail agents changing their strategy by getting away from the insurance companies, you'll know I've decided it's a lost cause.