Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Those Disingenuous Bail Insurance Companies

If you look on the various websites from the bail insurance companies, they’re full if “shocking” accounts of so-called dangerous people being let out of jail in New Jersey, presumably in an attempt to scare people away from bail reform.

Of course, the insurance companies don’t tell anyone that if the judge would just put a bit of money on someone’s head, they’d be glad to help them get out of jail no matter how dangerous they are. We all remember that’s how it worked before, which is why those companies are getting their hats handed to them lately. Saying that the new way of doing things is somehow a “public safety concern” when there is nothing that bail insurance companies do or have ever done to protect the public is pretty sad.  

Under New Jersey’s new bail law, if someone is truly a danger to the public, he or she can be detained without bail. In the old days, those dangerous people would just pay some money to get out and – get this – if they broke any laws while they were out on bail, they wouldn’t even have to forfeit the remainder. That little glitch in the system was brought to you by – yes, that’s right – the bail insurance companies.

Over the last several decades, the bail insurance companies have systematically helped to erect a system that keeps them as far away from defendant behavior and public safety as possible. So they really shouldn’t be surprised that when a state starts really caring about public safety at bail, it’d leave them out. This is just an example of chickens coming home to roost.  

Two idioms in one post?

Must be the caffeine.